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Seam Welding Wheels

Tipaloy’s seam welding wheels are produced to your specifications or tighter.  All seam welding wheels are produced from individually forged blanks to give the user top quality product and grain structure.  Blanks as well as finished product are available in a variety of RWMA alloys.  For seam weld wheels used continuously in your operation. Scheduled deliveries can be made through the use of blanket purchase orders to avoid shut down with promised backup quantities in our stock.

Tipaloy Alloy       RWMA Class             Hardness Minimum      Alloy Content       Alloy Number CDA      Conductivity % I.A.C.S.

#130                 Class 2 (Standard)    65                             CuCr                  C18200                       >75

Z#139               Class 2                     75                             CuCrZr              C18150                       >75

#130P               Class 2 (Premium)      75                             CuCr                 C18200                       >75

#240                 Class 3                     90                             CuNiSiCr            C18000                       >45