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Class 1 – A Cadmium Copper Alloy, is superior to pure copper as an electrode material and is recommended because of its high electrical and thermal conductivity.  Used include spot welding aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, coated materials (terne plate, tin plate, galvanized iron, cadmium plate, brass and bronze).  Used as spot welding electrodes, seam weld wheels, seam weld shafts, flash and butt welding dies, and weld fixtures.  Not available in cast form.



Class 2 – A Chrome Copper Alloy, specifically recommended for high level production spot and seam welding of clean mild steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, low conductivity brasses and bronzes, nickel-silver, nickel, nickel alloys, and monel.  Suitable for projection welding dies, seam weld shafts and bearings, flash and butt welding dies, and current carrying structural members.  Available in cast form for use as gun welder arms, welder platens and secondary circuit structural members.  Tipaloy #130 is heat treatable.



Class 2 – A Chrome Zirconium Copper Alloy, is used primarily as an electrode material when welding coated materials such as galvanized and galvaneal.  Supplied primarily as male and female cap tips.



Class 1 – A Zirconium Copper Alloy, designed for use on coated steels where electrode sticking is a problem, such as galvanized and galvaneal.  Used as spot welding electrodes and seam weld wheels.  Supplied primarily as male and female cap tips.



Class 3 – A Beryllium Copper Alloy, and Tipaloy #240 – A Silicon Nickel Chrome Alloy, are recommended for use as seam weld wheels, projection welding dies, flash and butt welding dies, current carrying shafts and bushings, high stressed structural current carrying members, electrode holders, and high pressure electrodes where the welded material has a high electrical resistance.  Available in cast, forged, and extruded forms.  Heat treat processes differ from alloy #200 to #240, and both are generally supplied in the full heat treated condition to the customer.



Class 20 – An Aluminum Dispersion Hardened Copper.  Usually used in applications where metallic coated metals, such as galvanized steel or turn plate, requires high energy and non- sticking characteristics.  Supplied primarily in male and female cap tips as well as seam welding wheels.


TIPALOY  T-1W AND  T-3W – Copper Tungsten materials recommended as facings or inserts for projection welding electrodes and flash or butt welding dies where high electrical conductivity is desirable and a degree of malleability is necessary.


TIPALOY  T-5W  AND  T-TC5 – Copper Tungsten Alloys used primarily for projection welding dies where abrasion may be encountered and pressures are light.


TIPALOY  T-10W – Recommended as facings and inserts for flash and butt welding dies and general purpose projection welding electrodes.  It may also be used as seam welder bearing inserts and facings for electro-forging dies.  It is also high used for high resistance welding of materials, such as stainless steel.


TIPALOY  T-20W  AND  TC-10 – Specifically recommended for heavy duty projection welding electrodes and for die facings in electro-forming and electro-forging applications.  Also suitable for die material for electrical upsetting of rivets and studs.


TIPALOY  T-30W – This Copper Tungsten, due to its greater hardness, offers increased wear resistance without loss of conductivity in projection welding dies, electrical upsetting, and cross wire welding.


TIPALOY  T-TC20  AND  T-TC53 – Copper Alloy Tungsten Carbide materials having good wear resistance and extreme hardness.  All contours should be formed by grinding.  Recommended for electro-forging and upsetting where high temperatures and heavy pressures are encountered.


TIPALOY  T-100W – An extremely hard Tungsten with low ductility that must be ground to contour.  Used primarily when welding non-ferrous metals, such as copper to brass and copper to copper.  Also used in electrical upsetting and for electro-forging electrodes.


TIPALOY  T-100M – Used primarily for welding or electro-brazing non-ferrous metals having relatively high electrical conductivity.  Welding of copper and brass wires and copper wire braid to brass and bronze terminals are typical applications.  Special procedures are generally required.