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Manufacturer of Resistance Welding Equipment & Supplies since 1941

In addition to manufacturing a full line of Standard and Custom electrodes, Tipaloy has extensive knowledge in designing and building Resistance Welders in single and multiple gun designs.  Our product line also includes Welding Controls, Transformers, Force Gages, Tooling, and Raw material.  In addition to new equipment, Tipaloy also carries Used & Rebuilt Transformers, Welding Controls, and Welders. Tipaloy can provide you with everything you need to help improve your Resistance Welding, while making it more cost effective.


SC-500 Welder

The SC-500 was designed with the Tube Welding Industry in mind, but is also perfect for light to medium Projection and Spot welding. Click here for more information.

TT-05 Push-Off Tester

Tipaloy's TT-05 Push-Off Tester can handle up to 5,000 pound push-off tests, comes with two speed pump handle, and a welded steel frame for rigidity.  Click here for more information.

T-Peel Peel Tester

Tipaloy's T-Peel Tester is a necessary tool for testing spot weld integrity without busting your knuckles up.  Sturdy, quick, and easy to use.  Click here for more information.


Seam Welding Wheels

Tipaloy can supply you with seam welding wheels of all different sizes and material.  We supply high quality wheels with tolerances with in .005.  Our wheels are "hot forged" so they have excellent grain structure and welding life.  Contact Tipaloy for a competitive quote.


Tipaloy carries a wide variety of used and rebuilt equipment and supplies.  Everything from used welding transformers, weld cylinders, push-off testers as well as many other items to extensive to list here. Check back often so as not to miss out.

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